Happy Valentine's Day!

I'm getting ready for Thanksgiving, Christmas, and Valentine's Day.  Why Valentine's Day?  The release date for my book has changed again.  It's coming out on Valentine's Day.  And to think, two weeks ago I was chillaxin' and thinking I had until May. 

So I've been freaking out, trying to make sure the book's as good as I can make it.  I'm probably driving my sweet editor crazy.  Last week, for example, I decided I've used the word "just" too many times.  (I used it so many times that I was starting to sound like Mercer Mayer, the author of Just for You, Just Me and My Dad, etc.) 

Anyway, I definitely won't be celebrating one holiday at a time.  (Anyone know any good romantic Christmas songs?)  But I am determined to take time to be grateful during November.  And here's a  little of what I'm grateful for:

My daughter has turned sixteen.  I'm really proud of her.  She is very independent and hard-working.  And now she can drive, which would be very convenient if I were only brave enough to let her get her license.  She's also very patient with me and my writing eccentricities. 

Sometimes she'll stop in the middle of the conversation and ask, "Mom, are you listening or are you thinking about your novel?"  Last week, we were listening to some music in the car that we don't usually listen to, and she asked, "Can you do your research some other time, Mom?"  She knew I was researching even though I didn't tell her.  My children suffer so much, and I'm grateful they suffer because it makes them better people, right?

What are you grateful for?


  1. That's exciting news, if a little nerve wracking! Your daughter looks like a lovely young woman.

  2. V-day is a great day to have a book released. My birthday is the day before, so I've always loved Valentine's Day. Congrats!

  3. Beautiful daughter and yay for Valentines Day release.

  4. What a wonderful story and congrats on the book! I know you can pull off Valentine's Day! :)

    Today I am grateful that my baby is taking a nap. I have so much to do - I needed this time to do it!

    Also - thanks for sharing the funny story about your nephew and the lotion shampoo on my blog! Hilarious! :)

  5. I am grateful for great friends that are flexible enough to take Josh for a few hours with short notice so I can run errands and help my in-laws move stuff!

  6. Congrats on your book! I think that's a perfect date for the release of you book.

    Feeling your pain with a 16 year old. My son just turned 16 and he's not quite driving yet either. I just can't do it! He's amazing though. I'm very blessed. :)


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